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Friends                           wel3_anm.gif (18135 bytes)        


Paul B.--------Craziest hockey fan I know

Sergio R.-------Finacial Advisor and Sport Enthusiast

Karen P.---- Long time friend

Cheryl D.----New friend                                            

Lynn D.---E-mail jokestar and friend extrodinair

Adrienne B.-----Skiing friend

Wayne C.---------Skiing Friend

Also Like to say hi to all the rest of the gang down at

Safeway Sherwood Park Mall.


Kimball Lake Friends

Emille and Sue Skopyk and children Mathew and Becky--Keep up the fun in the sun and the water skiing tricks. Mathew keep up the good work on your music creativity and I am sure I will be asking for your autograph someday. Becky will no doubt be a hockey player or waterskiing professional.

Ron & Liz Hanna and children Christine, Nicole, and Michelle-----

Ron & Liz have brought new meaning to the word Jackfish. Ron`s deboning skillls and Liz`s herbs and spices make it a mouth water feast. Each time I see Christine and Nicole their skills at waterskking and kneeboarding are becoming better and better. Michelle is one of the best blueberry pickers and eaters I have ever seen...Keep up the good work



Family                      rainbowbar.gif (1045 bytes)


Rick Gauthier------Greatest Brother Around

I have to say that because he does all my electrician work for free  ha ha!

Kathleen Gauthier----Great sister`n law

Rachelle Gauthier--------My Niece the Actress

Kalinda Gauthier---------The Concert Piano Player

Raymond Gauthier----Soccer Super Star---Way to go!


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